Digital dashboards

You have - or are developing - electronics, devices or machines?

All these components benefit greatly from the possibility of being managed, analyzed and controlled via app, web or PC. Are the following criteria important to you?

  • Electronics, device or machine should be monitorable
  • It should be possible to collect and analyze the data generated by the components
  • The components should be controlled and managed remotely
  • Security is a decisive criterion

Our offer

  • We accompany you from the idea to the vision to the design
  • We analyse your requirements together with you and supplement them with Best Patrices
  • On request, we implement the entire solution for you, from necessary electronic parts to sensors and the entire software solution
  • We enable you not only to visualize collected data via dashboard, but also to control your components
  • In cooperation with your employees or customers, we optimize the user guidance of your control
  • Complete IOT solution around your components
  • Optionally we take over the hosting of your solution for you
  • Maintenance of your solution possible by arrangement

What do you get out of it

  • Customized solution adapted to your needs
  • You profit from our expert know-how and our many years of experience
  • Process optimization
  • Time / cost saving
  • Flexibility
  • Modernization of their existing components
  • Secure "state of the art" IOT solution around your components
  • Remote maintenance of your components enables new processes
  • Analysis of your components (real-time / historical)
  • Advantage over competitors
  • Rapid ROI
Digital dashboard

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