Funding management

Do you implement great projects, apply technological sophistication and invest time and money in your development projects?

Then you should also make use of the corresponding funding projects. Often companies leave these cash grants and financing because they do not know if the submission works, the corresponding funding program is not known or the administrative effort is too high.

The research bonus alone offers the opportunity to get 14% of the year's expenses back in cash. In addition, there are subsidy programmes with subsidy rates of up to 80% and with support services in various forms.

Our offer


Funding check(fixed price):

We check for you whether your services/products are suitable for subsidies and whether you can get money. We compare the funding landscape with your projects.

Research bonus:

Every year, an expert opinion for the research premium can be submitted to the FFG, which is then paid in an uncomplicated manner in the course of the annual financial statements. 14% of the expenditure you have invested in a development project can be collected as a cash grant. However, for this to be possible, the expert opinion must be assessed positively - we take care of the submission for you, formulate the texts, reveal tips and tricks and thus increase the chances that you will receive the money.

Funding handling:

Once a grant has been approved, it requires certain administrative activities: interim and final reports, hourly records, job descriptions, etc. We will take care of all the administrative work for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Submission of funding:

We submit the grant for you: from writing the texts to compiling the figures, we take care of everything - we coordinate directly with you and your team and reduce your submission effort to a minimum.

Partner search, cooperation:

Perhaps you have a good idea and would like to submit a funding project - only the right partners are missing. We will look for these partners for you - and sometimes we would like to be a partner ourselves.

Funding 365:

our special package for companies who don't want to leave any more money behind. We accompany you throughout the year and constantly check for you whether new funding instruments are available - if so, the funding is submitted directly. This way you will never miss an opportunity again and have the minimum of administrative effort.

What do you get out of it

  • You get money for your developments in a simple way.
  • You are well informed about which subsidies might be suitable for you,
  • You increase the chances of receiving the funding
  • You have a minimal effort for the application.
  • You don't have to worry about administration.
  • They sleep peacefully because the funding project is constantly monitored for them

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