Industrial IoT


Today, the networking of machines is a must-have in order to survive in competition. Many new machines already offer networking and simple maintenance functions. Many companies are already demanding perfectly digitally integrated machines:

  • Safe monitoring of the machines
  • Control remotely or from control stations
  • Simple operating concepts
  • High data security
  • Simple function extension
  • Support of new business models
  • Use of standards

Smart Factory, Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0,... the more the terms penetrate our industries, the greater the customer requirements become.

If you still work with machines that are not networked or only offer simple control and monitoring options (solution: retrofit), then you already know that radical changes are coming.

Our offer


Potential analysis (fixed price):

We quickly look at all the essential areas of your company and determine digitalisation possibilities. You will receive a report where digitalization can help you and which internal weaknesses can be avoided.


The implementation of your digitisation project requires detailed planning. Together with you, we create the ideal way to implement your project.

Whether you want to network individual machines, need interfaces to partners, launch innovative services or increase your level of automation. Together with you and your employees, we will work out the optimal path and turn a large pile of to-do's into a step-by-step procedure.

Technical consulting:

Selection of providers, invitations to tender, preparation of specifications, support of the implementation partners, examination of technical possibilities - we help you to achieve the best results in a structured manner.

Quickcheck (fixed price):

Do you have a specific problem that you want to solve? You want to digitalize a plant, increase the degree of automation, integrate a new control system, rebuild your machinery, implement Smart Factory concepts, ... and don't know how to take the next steps?

As part of the quick check, we address your problem and provide information, a timetable and next steps in a defined program.

Implementation support:

We accompany you during the technical implementation of your digitisation measure. With technical expertise and decades of experience in the field of control, automation and digitization, we sometimes know a shortcut and are the external partner who helps you to get everything done in your day-to-day business because of the conversion.

Technical implementation:

We implement the technical solution for you. Controls, logistics, monitoring, networking, interfaces - from the small chip to the large networked industrial control, we implement the optimal solution for you.

What do you get out of it

  • A quick insight into your possibilities and potentials
  • A competent implementation of your technical requirements
  • State-of-the-Art implementation of technological components
  • Relief of employees during changeover projects - the daily business is already demanding enough

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