Privacy & Security

As a company, you are subject to the GDPR (basic data protection regulation of the EU), which has been mandatory since 25.05.2018. This is a challenge, because wherever personal data is stored and processed, essential legal requirements must be taken into account.

In general, the topic of IT security is in focus and will remain so in the future. Are the following criteria important to you?

  • Fulfilment of all legal requirements regarding GDPR and DSG
  • Avoiding the loss of your valuable company data
  • Correct handling of sensitive data
  • Secure IOT components
  • Secure connection of electronics or machines
  • Secure software - both on-premise and in the cloud

Our offer

As Certified Data & IT Security Experts we offer

  • A non-binding initial consultation
  • Highlighting your current problems with regard to the DSGVO after an analysis
  • Information about the data protection guidelines
  • Creation of your individual catalogue of measures
  • Planning & support in the implementation
  • Security by Design - in your IT landscape and your software environment
  • IOT Security consulting and implementation
  • Protection of electronic components
  • Secure Code
  • Consulting in the area of security
  • Planning and implementation of a reliable hedging strategy
Certified data & IT security expert

What do you get out of it

  • Non-binding initial discussion
  • Customized solution adapted to your needs
  • You profit from our expert know-how and our many years of experience
  • Professional handling
  • Individual funding advice
  • Custom-fit, flexible solution
  • Secure SW solutions
  • Safe HW solutions

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