Upgrading / modernization of old plants & machines - mechanics remains, control and/or sensor technology new.

Retrofit advantages:

  • Extending the service life of the machine
  • Reduced downtime
  • Legal compliance
  • Lower production costs through monitoring
  • Acquisition of process and machine data
  • Control from the control station, from a distance
  • Predictive maintenance possible

Retrofit kit

  • Your old machine will be equipped with a retrofit module from creative BITS
  • This allows access to all essential key figures (freely definable)
  • The machine can be integrated into a production process
  • Constant monitoring of production costs, operating performance, condition of the equipment, ...
  • Faster changeover times,
  • Quality control, logging, monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance intervals by predicting possible malfunctions
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes
Retrofit kit


what we can measure (excerpt)

  • Temperature
  • Acceleration, vibrations
  • Magnetic field
  • Sound
  • Location/position
  • GPS location
  • Movement
  • Gas
  • Light (various spectra)
  • Laser
  • Voltage, current, power
  • Contact
  • Radio frequency
  • Distance
  • Radiation (div.)
  • Humidity
  • Water level
  • Movement
  • Barometric pressure
  • ...

Retrofit packages

Quickcheck (fixed price)

  • Analysis of the existing plant, machine, environment
  • Creation of a concept for digitalisation
  • Analysis report and roadmap for next steps,
  • Cost estimation

Data collection

  • Setup IoT Hub
  • Transferring data to the cloud

Creation of productive components

  • From prototype to use in the production system

Integration of third-party data, machine data

  • Interfaces to available data from machines / third party data
  • Integrate machine data

Workflow Engine

  • Possibilities of own automation

Integration Sensoren

  • Installation Retrofit Gateway Module
  • First integration of selected sensors and data transmission
  • Installation control functions


  • Visualization of the data in different ways
  • Storage of historical data for analyses


  • Data preparation
  • Summary and clarification of interfaces

Mobile Services

  • Creation of an app for control and monitoring

On Premise

  • Integration in own environment

Control unit

  • Creation of tailor-made control systems
  • Any sensor and bus systems
  • Industry Standards
  • Long service life and autonomous operation
  • Configuration and control via PC
  • Can also be used under adverse conditions
Customized control systems

What do you get out of it

  • Upgrading / modernization of old plant & machinery
  • Monitoring of machines / devices from a distance
  • Link sensor values with other processes
  • New charging models (charging per operating hour, per output quantity, ...)
  • New service concepts (warning in case of defects, corrections before defects occur, ongoing optimizations, external warning, remote maintenance, support of the team on site, ...)
  • Increased competitiveness (use of state-of-the-art technology, more flexible application possibilities, industry 4.0 maturity, ...)

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