Software development

Are you looking for a software solution for which there is no standard software or do you not want to submit to the prescribed procedure of standard software?

An individual software development offers you significant advantages. Are the following criteria important to you?

  • Control over the future development of your software
  • Competitive advantage over their rivals
  • Functionality, flexibility and stability as essential criteria
  • Consideration of the organizational and technical characteristics/requirements of your company
  • Individual workflow

Our offer

Expert solutions for special requirements

  • We accompany you from the idea to the vision to the design
  • We analyse your requirements together with you and supplement them with Best Patrices (think one step further)
  • Your software is delivered in defined iterations and offers you early intervention options
  • Your software is optimized for your IT landscape and needs
  • Optionally we take over the hosting of your solution for you
  • Maintenance of your solution possible by arrangement

We offer you among others the following software solutions

  • Development of business apps (Android, IOS, hybrid based on Xamarin, .net MAUI)
  • Web applications (Classic, Progressive, Web Assembly)
  • Hybrid and full-stack solutions (client, server, mobile, hardware)
  • Control systems & visualization for your machinery (dashboard solutions)
  • Classic Windows applications
  • Communication Solutions Web-API / Rest / MQTT
  • Optimized solutions for IOT and IIOT
  • Development based on ESP32
  • Development based on Raspberry (Linux, Windows IOT)
  • Big-Data Systems and Solutions
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • AI systems and individual artificial intelligence for your software solution

What do you get out of it

  • Customized solution adapted to your needs
  • You profit from our expert know-how and our many years of experience
  • High acceptance of your software solution by your employees
  • Optimized processes
  • High complexity possible
  • Own design / CI
  • No superfluous functions / costs - benefits
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability / Growth
  • Integration into IT landscape
  • Advantage over competitors
  • Rapid ROI
Precise planning and software architecture

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