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You want to inform your employees, your customers or a specific audience about new trends. You have an event for which you are looking for a keynote speaker or need a motivating teaser for a workshop?

Technology often appears dry, aloof or "nerdy". But it can also be different - convey the excitement and the anticipation of the future with our exciting speakers and presenters.

Our offer


Talk "The company of the future":

You get frightening, impressive, motivating impressions of the entrepreneurial world of the future.

Talk "Internet of Things for Technicians":

You are familiar with all the global statements about the Internet of Things and are yourself also a specialist in sub-areas of digitisation. Then this lecture offers you the knowledge you are currently missing.

Talk "Time Management":

in the age of digital change, time management must also be viewed differently than before. You get a practical, modern approach how to not only leave 1000 mails, calls, instant messages cold, but even motivate them.

Training "Internet of Things for Hardware Developers":

The step from classic hardware/electronics to cloud-networked IoT systems seems small at first - but in detail it raises countless questions. Our training courses help you to avoid making every mistake yourself and to create your own customized IoT roadmap

Talk "Internet of Things":

everything is networked - but what does that mean? How does this change our world and what does it mean for you? The previous day gives an insight into the possibilities, opportunities and risks of a totally networked world.

Talk: "Business models of the future":

How do business models change, what do you have to pay attention to? This lecture impresses with a simple system how to turn your existing business into the business of the future.

Training " Digitization in operation":

Are you planning rough digitisation measures but do not want to lose your employees on the way? Then this training is ideal.

Moderation of technical topics:

If your topic does not allow for a standard moderator, but you want someone who is also familiar with digital technologies, we have the ideal moderator for you.

What do you get out of it

  • An entertaining, amusing keynote for entertainment
  • A quick refreshment of knowledge
  • Experienced speakers also for a critical audience
  • Training from technical experts for technical experts
  • Technology made easy: even an audience without prior knowledge will be enthusiastic
Florian Mihalits and Markus Roth at UBERALL App

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